AM MAX Rewards is here. Earn as you shop. - AM APPAREL

AM Max Rewards is here. In our efforts to maximize customer engagement and satisfaction, we are happy to introduce AM MAX Rewards, a loyalty program you will be happy to be a part of!

What is AM MAX Rewards?

Max Rewards is a our loyalty program available to everyone both on our moblie app and website. You earn AM points which you can redeem and get rewards like discounts, free express shipping and free products. 

How do I earn?

Our program is structured with ways that makes easy for you to earn points. from making purchases, interacting with our social networks, reviewing products, refering friends and more. Each 5 AM points you earn is equivalent to $1.

Who is eligible?

Everyone is eligible, and everyone who has an account with us is automatically enrolled. You can check your available points here, you must be logged in order to view your AM points.

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